Service Level Agreement

Support Services

We will provide the following support services:

  • Technical Support: Access to email support, available from 9 AM to 5 PM NZT, Monday to Friday, excluding holidays.
  • Issue Resolution: Identification, investigation, and resolution of software issues and bugs.

Response and Resolution Times

The Customer must submit tickets to our support email.

The Service Provider will address support requests and issues based on the following priority levels and targeted response and resolution times:

Priority Issue Type Response Time Resolution Time
P1 Critical: System or application down 2 hours 4 hours
P2 High: Major functionality impaired 4 hours 1 business day
P3 Medium: Minor functionality impaired 1 business day 3 business days
P4 Low: General inquiry or request 2 business days 5 business days

Customer Responsibilities

To ensure timely and effective support, the Customer agrees to:

  • Provide accurate and detailed information about issues or support requests.
  • Allow the Service Provider reasonable access to the software or system, if necessary, for issue investigation and resolution.
  • Regularly install software updates and upgrades provided by the Service Provider.


This SLA does not cover issues or failures caused by factors outside the Service Provider’s control, including but not limited to:

  • Customer’s use of the software in a manner not compliant with documentation or best practices.
  • Customer’s failure to implement recommended patches, updates, or upgrades.
  • Issues resulting from unauthorized modifications, customizations, or integrations.
  • Issues arising from third-party software or services.


This SLA may be amended or modified by mutual agreement between the Service Provider and the Customer.

Page last edited: 2023-05-11